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Snow Smart Information 

Students will read their stories daily with an adult that are sent home in their bookbags for Reading Recovery.  Students will re-assemble their cut-up sentence and paste the sentences in their daily journal.  I will be in contact with the parent on a Snow Smart day.

I have included a list of Sight Words for each student to practice.


Sight Words


a                                               is                             them


after                                         it                              then


again                                       like                           there        


am                                           little                          this    


an                                            live                           walk


and                                          look                          we


are                                           make                        what


at                                             may                          where


away                                        no                            who


big                                           now                          with


could                                       on                              yes


did                                           one                            you


do                                            over                           let


down                                       play


eat                                           pretty


find                                         put


for                                           ran


from                                        red


give                                         ride


has                                           said


have                                         saw


here                                          some


him                                           the


in                                              they