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Snow Smart Learning 

NTI SnowSmart information  

Dear Parents & Students,

This page will assist you with knowing what to do during a non-traditional instruction/snowSMART

What is a non-traditional instructional day or snowSMART day?
This is another term for a "snow day" in which students must work/complete assignments from
home. However, we do have snow days built into our district calendar. We also have time for makeup days that we will add to the school year before resulting to the non-traditional instruction (NTI) day. Therefore, this day will be used in an emergency situation and you will be notified if and when the district intends to use it.

What lesson will my student need to complete on a non-traditional instruction day?
Suggested activities will be provided on my speech-language web page under forms and links if you would like to target these at home.  You may send a simple note or email to the speech therapist stating which activities you completed upon returning to school.

How will we correspond with the Speech therapist if we have questions?
The best way to communicate with the speech-language pathologist on a snowSMART day is through e-mail. 
• Speech-Language Pathologist PK-6th grade, lifeskills –
• Speech-Language Pathologist PK-6th grade, lifeskills -

What if we do not have internet access?
If you do not have internet access, we will prepare your student's NTI (snowSMART) folder with non-technology assignments.

Where are these activities located?
Please see your speech-language pathologist's web page or your child's folder to access the snowSMART Day Activities for speech and language. Please choose an activity per snowSMART day that is assigned.