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6th Grade

snowSMART Work Packets

         Non- Traditional Instruction (NTI) or snowSMART days are emergency snow days that the district will use once all of our slotted make up days have been exhausted.  These snowSMART days will be used as a last resort and the district will notify you when a snow day is counted as a snowSMART Day or NTI.

         Students will be required to complete assignments at home for those days. By completing work at home on snow days, we will not have to “make up” these missed days at the end of the school year. These days will count as a full day of instruction for students and teachers.

            Folders will be sent home for these snowSMART or NTI days for your child to complete if school is cancelled for bad weather. Please keep this folder in a safe place at home. Every snowSMART or NTI day, have your child complete the work for one day. Your child needs to hand in the work on the first day we are back in school.

            If you have any questions while your child is completing the work, please feel free to email your child’s teacher. We will be checking our email throughout the day and will try to answer any questions you or your child may have.

Class code is zw4t3s

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Jessica Preston– Reading & Writing

Christopher Harper- Science & Social Studies

Ivan Brown- Math