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Class Mission Statement 

Mission Statement

To educate all students to their highest level of academic performance, while fostering positive growth in social and emotional behaviors and attitudes, as well as, developing a mutual respect between the school, the family and the community.

         To accomplish this mission, I will provide early childhood experiences that are:

 *Active:    to enable children to explore, investigate,

                 experiment, think and communicate in a

                 challenging and stimulating environment.

 *Relevant: by building on children’s experiences, ideas,                  

                 interests, and cultural backgrounds.

 *Planned:   to provide for children’s emotional, social,

                 intellectual, and physical growth.

 *Child Centered: by focusing on the developmental needs

                   and learning styles of children.

 *Inclusive: by communicating with and involving families

                 in their child’s learning experience.

 *Life Long: by creating an environment that is safe and

                   interesting and will promote enthusiasm for the

                 process of learning.