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AR Reading  

Students must test and score an 80% or above. The minimum is 4 books this 9wks.

Unit 5 Post Test  

Will be Friday the 26th

MLK Fall Festival  

Dont forget that our festival will be happening on the 29th of this month.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!!  

This years Learning Maps can be located by clicking on Forms. They are broken down by unit.

Cheering Our Students On  

It would be wonderful if everyone could make a poster for their student. Our state testing is two weeks away, and if would be wonderful if they could see their family cheering them on during the test!

Last Reading and Phonics Inventory of the year.  

It is coming up! We want our kiddos to show what they now. Further information coming up :)


It would be wonderful if everyone could bring in pencils!!!

Your student will be learning Latin words and phrases!  

Latin Learning:

Salve- Hello to one

Salvete - Hello to many

Magistra - Female teacher

Tace- Be quiet  (strong to one)

Tacete- Be quiet (strong to group)

Ambulo - walk

Opus- work

Discipuli- students

*Hoc est bellum-this is war!

* Licetne mihi ire ad latrina-May i go to the bathroom?


*quod est nomen tibi-what is your name

*nomen mihi est-my name is


Test Taking Strategy!!!! We refer to these as the Magnificent 7.  

1. Put your name on it.


2. Read the instructions and underline the verbs.


3. Read the questions.


4. Read the passage 2x and underline any unknown words.


5. Number the paragraphs.


6. Answer the questions/Use sentence stems for short answers.

7. Find, underline and number the evidence that answers the question(s) .

Ear Buds  

All students must bring their ear buds to class on a daily basis.

!!!Plastic Lids!!!  

Please send in all of your plastic lids and coke can tabs! We are recycling them. Thank!

STLP Hand Sanitizer Drive for the Humane Society  

STLP will be collecting hand sanitizer for our local humane society. Your donations would be greatly appreciated. 

Ear Buds  

Please remind your students to bring their ear buds. If you have any you would like to donate, that would be fantastic!!

Students please remember to bring your earbuds to class! Thank you :)  

THey are needed for all classes including Read180 and Math180.

Check the LINKS section for great ELA practice ideas!!!  

*New* Informative Writing Learning Map  

Now with great guiding questions!!!!

Main Idea PT will be on Sept. 8th  

Parent version of the learning map will be posted up on the 31st. 

Field Trip Friday the 26th :)  

Please make sure to sign your students field trip permission slip :) Have a wonderful day!!!!

Picture Day September 13th  

Picture day will be Tuesday, September 13th. Dont forget to wear your most radiant smile!!!

Announcement Image for Picture Day September 13th