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Procedures and Routines

Classroom News  

*Second Grade Supplies:

2 journals, 2 plastic pocket folders with prongs, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, 3 pack of pink eraser, 24 pack of pencils, and 2 packs of wide rule notebook paper

(no mechanical pencils or sharpeners)



*Routine and Expectations:

Your child is responsible for their own daily folder. It is your student's job to turn in permission slips, signed paperwork, homework, transportation notes, and notes after being absent. During class your second grader is responsible for turning in work that is due and putting papers in their daily folder to go home. I will give daily reminders to ensure your child knows when to take care of these important papers.


Each morning second graders are expected to unpack and put backpacks in a locker. Lockers will not be used again until the end of the day. Students will transport all needed materials to reading, language arts, and math class. Students will carry their gold daily folder to class each day.


*Communication: Communication will be through a combined homework sheet/newsletter.  Weekly classroom updates will be on the weekly homework sheet. Reading, language arts, and math assignments will be on the same homework sheet. Please feel free to use the homework sheet or behavior sheet to write questions or concerns. It will be your child's responsibility to ensure I see the note.

*Behavior Charts:

Students will be responsible for a behavior sheet that will stay in their daily folder. The behavior sheet has a notes section for comments. Both positive and negative behavior will be documented on the behavior sheet. Please sign behavior sheet nightly and return to school. Please play an active role in your child's behavior at school by signing and discussing the marks daily. 

* Homework:

A homework sheet will keep students and parents organized and informed on ways to prepare for learning in the classroom. It will contain news for the week, a reading log, reading assignments, language arts assignments, and math assignments.  Questions, comments, or concerns can also be written on this paper. Your child must show me the note in order for me to reply.  


*Class Dojo: Please sign up for Class Dojo. It is used to communicate information, contact the teacher, and track behavior. 

*Questions or Concerns:  The school's number is 887-7310. I am at school most afternoons. Please let me know if you plan to come by the school. You can also contact me through email at


Thank you, 

Mrs. Wilcox


If you have any questions or concerns about content on this page, please call the school for more information.